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Los vinos. Los spas. Las carnes. Los Andes. En el extremo oeste de Argentina, Mendoza es el equilibrio perfecto entre las delicias más complementarias de la vida |

Os vinhos. Os spas. As carnes. Os Andes. No extremo oeste da Argentina, Mendoza é um equilíbrio perfeito entre as mais complementares delícias da vida.

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"Your Next Wine Country Escape: Entre Cielos in Mendoza, Argentina.

When word got out that I was staying at Entre Cielos, a small, high-design resort that opened a few years ago among the vineyards of Mendoza, there was almost always one reaction: excitement about the pod." - Ann Abel.



“Mendoza, Santiago, Patagonia—going in, I knew my trip down the spine of South America would be a wild, compressed ride. Less than three hours after landing in Mendoza, Argentina, I was standing in the vineyard behind the ENTRE CIELOS hotel, harvesting (but really just eating) the Malbec grapes they turn into wine...."

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Conde Nast Traveler

"Oenophiles, this is your ultimate hotel suite. Resembling a futuristic space pod on top of wooden stilts, the Vineyard Loft at Entre Cielos Luxury Wine Hotel + Spa in Mendoza, Argentina rises 30 feet above the hotel’s 8-acre Malbec vineyard. Amenities include free WiFi, a wine cooler, a Nespresso machine, a jacuzzi on the terrace, and a window in the pod’s roof for star-gazing." -Juliana Shallcross

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People Magazine

ABC's the 'Bachelorette' films at Entre Cielos

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New York Times

The harvest season for wine in Argentina happens in early April this year, and oenophiles can get in on the action with the Harvest Weekend package from Entre Cielos, a hotel and winery in Argentina’s Mendoza region.

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Feed your Beast with trip to S.America's Wine Country

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National Post

Wine, Vineyards and Luxury resorts in Mendoza, heart of Argentina's Wine Country

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Q & A mit Cécile Adam: Gründer des Mendoza Entre Cielos Weingut Hotel + Spa

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Rebecca's International Kitchen

RIK Review | Entre Cielos Luxury Wine Hotel

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8 Over- The -Top Latin American Vacations to Add to Your List

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Refinery 29

5 Hotels that are Completely Out - of - this - World !

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New York Observer

This Is What It’s Like To Stay At A “Wine Hotel” In Argentina

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Focal Journey

Lifestyle & Travel Photography by Gustavo Espinola

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Das chilenische Magazin berichtet in der August-Ausgabe über Entre Cielos

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Cover Magazine

Grape Treatments at Entre Cielos Spa + Hamam

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Taking the Waters: Born-Again Spa and Wellness Architecture

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