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Entre Cielos - Wine Hotel and Spa Mendoza Argentina

Modern Mendoza

After living and working in Switzerland all of our lives, a group of friends decided it was time to pursue our dream of owning a vineyard and living abroad. We searched for the perfect destination to start our new life and discovered the fertile ground of Mendoza.

The moment we saw the vast property with it’s incredible views of the mountains and the star-filled sky above at night, we just knew that this was where we wanted to stay and make our dream a reality.

So in 2009, twelve of us including grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, picked up and moved to Argentina to create what is now Entre Cielos Luxury Wine Hotel + Spa, the place we always imagined “between the skies.” We now open our new home for you to enjoy as your home away from home.

-The Suizos

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Entre Cielos - Hotel Wineyard in Mendoza, Argentina


Located just outside the city center and tucked away in the heart of Mendoza’s best Malbec region Lujan de Cuyo, Entre Cielos is convenient to the airport and downtown area but still anchored in the heart of Mendoza’s majestic wine country.

Cool and comfy, Entre Cielos’ playful exterior and cozy interiors are composed of both clean lines and sexy curves that hug the natural beauty of our surroundings playing together in perfect harmony.

We have 16 spacious, thoughtfully designed rooms with sweeping views smart details and luxurious beds with fine linen. For the romantic couples or the oenophile our Our Limited Edition Vineyard Loft is clutch. This gem floats above our sprawling vineyards - the wine loft boasts the most in touch views of the Andes, our Malbec vines and the luminous night skies of Mendoza.

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Entre Cielos Mendoza Argentina - Spa and Hamam

Spa + Hamam

The Spa + Hamam is a sanctuary. We are passionate about the benefits of the traditional Turkish practices as a method of cleansing and relaxation. We believe it is a highlight of Entre Cielos and all of South America as it's the only of its kind on the continent.

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Entre Cielos Mendoza Argentina - Hotel Restaurant and Bar


Dining at Entre Cielos is all about embracing the locality of Mendoza and the season we’re in. Our dining options aim to excite the palate while introducing you to local Argentine traditions with a modern twist.

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Entre Cielos - Wine tasting Mendoza Argentina


It would be inconceivable to come to such a globally renowned wine-growing area and not produce anything ourselves. We have started the project from scratch, thus been able to sit down with our enologist and decide exactly how we wish to shape our vineyard and wines. In addition, discovering new and classic creations from local wineries is a never-ending experience in Mendoza.

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