Entre Cielos - Awards

Argentina's Leading Boutique Hotel 2015

The World Travel Award winners where announced in Bogota, October, 2015. This is the most prestigious, comprehensive and sought after awards programme in the global travel and tourism industry. To be voted a World Travel Award™ winner is an accolade which many strive for but few achieve.

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Entre Cielos - Best Spa Boutique Hotel

2014 World Best Spa Boutique Hotel

The winners of the World Boutique Hotel Awards 2014 were announced at a spectacular ceremony in London.

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Entre Cielos Mendoza Argentina - Boutique Hotel Awards

2013 Boutique Hotel Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the World Boutique Hotel Awards 2013 were announced at a spectacular ceremony in at The Montcalm Hotel, Marble Arch, London.

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The glittering event was attended by boutique hoteliers, industry insiders and press from Europe, the US, Asia and Australia making it a truly global affair.

Mihir Garh in Rajasthan, India, was crowned the best boutique hotel in the world overall, while regional winners included Rancho Valencia, California for the US and Entre Cielos, Argentina for South America.

Other winners included Chateau le Cagnard in France in the classic elegance category, Fusion Boutique Hotel in South Africa in the inspired design category and The Samling Hotel in the UK for culinary excellence.

In total, there were seven outstanding regional winners, and 33 category winners, all of whom “delivered something quite unique and special in their award categories”.

Richard Hytner, Worldwide Deputy Chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi, gave the keynote speech, linking the mystery, intimacy and sensuality of irresistable boutique hotels to Saatchi and Saatchi’s own innovative branding concepts.

Other esteemed guest presenters and speakers at the event were Russell Kett, Managing Director of HVS in London, Nathalie Salas, founder of Perfect Boutique Hotel, David Archer and Julie Humphryes, Founding Partners of Archer Humphryes Architects and Anne Blackburn, Visit England Tourism Awards judge.

Entre Cielos Mendoza Argentina - Best of Wine Tourism

Best of Wine Tourism 2014 in Mendoza

Entre Cielos has been awarded gold in the category of accommodation

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Entre Cielos Mendoza Argentina - Boutique Hotels Awards

2012 Boutique Hotel Awards Winners Announced

Entre Cielos : Best New Boutique Hotel 2012.

In an ever-shrinking world of globalised brands and international hotel chains, a truly individual experience is a rare find.

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However, there are a number of hidden gems around the world which retain their individuality through their small size and keen sense of style and culture. The Boutique Hotel Awards look to provide such establishments with the acclaim and reward that they so dearly deserve, championing hotels that possess a unique character whilst still providing world-class services and facilities.

The winners will deliver to their guests in every possible way, demonstrating unsurpassed excellence in each category. However, more importantly successful candidates will be capable of transporting their guests into a novel world through the history of the location, its culture and its own stylistic flair.

A Boutique Hotel Award winner's service will be intuitive, their environment intimate and the experience priceless

Entre Cielos Mendoza Argentina - Quintessentially Recommended Hotel

Quintessentially Recommended Hotel

Quintessentially recommends this hotel in Mendoza.

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