Tradition and Location

Situated in the Upper Mendoza Valley, Lujan de Cuyo is one of the best wine regions in Latin America and recognised as the birthplace of the Malbec grape - primarily for its proximity to the water lines stemming from the Andes. With eight acres of Malbec grapes growing on alluvial soil, along with some Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, Entre Cielos produces three lines of its own exclusive wine named "Marantal."

Upon purchasing the land where Entre Cielos now sits, vines were discovered dating back eighty years. Unfortunately, they had long been abandoned so we could only start anew in creating our vineyard although paying homage to the rich tradition and history of our land and the region.

We sought out the best winemaker in the area Hubert Weber, who has been making wine for nearly 30 years, to work with us in deciding how to exactly shape our vineyard and craft our wines. We took various components of other wines to create a custom concoction that would result in our award-winning Malbecs.

Famous wine critic Robert Parker from Wine Advocate rated our Gran Marantal 2010 with 91 points, while the well known wine expert Fabricio Tapia, editor of the book 'Descorchados' rated our Housewine Marantal Malbec 2010 with 91 points and the Gran Marantal Malbec 2010 with 93 points, making this wine one of the 20 best Malbec in 2013.

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